Agreement Made By Deed

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Burns later sold the land to Cooper and Cooper resumed his actions. But since the previous act (Atwood`s act to Burns) was not recorded, Cooper`s act is out of the title chain. Looking for a security, someone who swallows Atwood`s name in the Grantor Index would find no evidence that Atwood transferred ownership, and nothing would lead the viewfinder to Cooper`s action. “An act that is outside the chain of title is called a savage act. The general rule is that a subsequent buyer does not have a constructive note of a wild act. In the example, Cooper`s title is not protected against subsequent bona end buyers. Assuming Atwood fraudulently sells the same property to another person, Dunn. A court would rule that Dunn has good ownership of the property, not Cooper. [11] The conditions for the adoption of an act are called alliances.

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