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All our agreements are available in print and digital form. A license for use by large companies is also available. If you are a member, please log in here to get 50% off selected contracts and agreements. Our agreements and contracts are industry documents that offer current and flexible agreements for both the end customer and the consultants. They offer clarity, transparency and security to those working on a project. In addition to ACE contracts, we sell iCC and FIDIC contracts. In the rare event that a third party is required, ACE may appoint an adjudicator. ACE agreements are industry documents for the appointment of consultants and engineers who offer current and flexible agreements to clients and consultants. . The PSA ACE is intended to be used when an employer employs an advisor in the planning of permanent work or when a contractor hires a consultant as a sub-advisor agreements and service plans are sold individually. This allows clients and consultants to tailor services to the specific requirements of a project. This practice takes into account the remarkable terms of the ACE PSA.

It is also interested in the form of the safety guarantee to be used with the ACE PSA and also covers the performance plans for civil engineering and building, as well as for mechanical and electrical engineering, published separately by the ACE. New documents work with ACE`s Professional Services Agreement. . The ACE Professional Services Agreement also provides for the inclusion of tailor-made/complementary clauses if necessary for certain projects. Where it is agreed that the consultant will provide guarantees to third parties, the new edition will be provided with an appropriate form of guarantee, adapted to and in accordance with the ACE Professional Services Contract; Where appropriate, optional step-in arrangements are available. ACE 2017 Schedule of Services: Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering Single Consultan £11.00 For more comments on these forms from the date of their publication, see News Analysis by Sir Vivian Ramsey: ACE Professional Service Suite of Agreements 2017. The ACE Professional Services Agreement is designed for all types of potential customers, including contractors or end users, and is suitable for all UK jurisdictions. A new edition of the ACE Sub-Consultancy Agreement has been introduced, which complements the ACE Professional Services Agreement. Contact our support service for contractual, legal, HR, tax and corporate advice now. These expenses will attract a wide range of users because of their emphasis on plain language. It is user-friendly with content rearranged to offer a logical approach.

There are clear rights and obligations and a fair distribution of risk between the client and the advisor. The ACE Professional Services Agreement is supported by instructions that are included. ** Please note that currently, only digital versions of contracts can be purchased directly from us through the site. Printed versions can be purchased from our partner which Building Contract, which cashes in all discounts for ACE members.

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