Quickbooks License Agreement

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Each of these users must continue to be allowed, whether or not they use the simultaneous access function at any given time. 5.2.2. Licensing and limitation. You will find the license (s) granted to you for the use of Payroll Office Services in Section 3.1.7. 10.2.3. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription Plan, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus and QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus (or other published versions). During your active subscription, you`ll be eligible for QuickBooks desktop software, extensions, updates and corresponding software updates when they`re available. If your subscription expires or expires, you lose your QuickBooks Desktop license. Although you no longer have access to the software and all related services, you retain access to your business data file stored on your device, which can be reintegrated into a readable QuickBooks desktop format when reactivating your subscription or purchasing a software license. ProAdvisor Deluxe and Premium and QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus subscriptions.

During your active subscription, you`ll be eligible for QuickBooks desktop software, extensions, updates and corresponding software updates when they`re available. When your subscription expires or expires, you`ll keep your License to Use QuickBooks Desktop Software, as well as extensions and updates when you`re available, but you won`t be eligible for upgrades. 12.2. Support service fees. Only subscribers with (reputable active and paid accounts and) certain subscriptions and an inclusive or paid support plan have access to support services. If you purchased a software license on a stand-alone basis through a one-time payment or if your special subscription plan does not contain support, you must pay a fee for access to support services. Availability and access to all services, including support services for your software, are subject to the current intuitive configuration policy applicable to your specific version of the software (see below). Thank you for selecting QuickBooks Online (“QB Online Service”). This license agreement, in addition to the terms of use (the “contract”), is a legal agreement between the user, a single legal entity that, in the registration process, is indicated in the start-up process (“User,” “It”) and Intuit Inc. and/or its subsidiaries and associated companies (“Intuit,” “we,” “our” or “us”).

I use a Premier-Quickbook with a unique user license. I would add 1 additional user to use the same company date, request an offer from Intuit and we have to pay 340 USD/additional license. Can I buy another single user license without using the same business file? Scott – I use Quickbooks Pro 2012 for my business with a unique user license. I see that I could install a second copy of the software on a laptop for use at home. I just want to use the second copy of a laptop with a corporate file created for a non-profit group for which I am a volunteer. I can do that? The non-profit company`s data file is only accessible at home on the laptop. There would never be more than one person who simultaneously accesses a business data file, but there may be more than one person who simultaneously accesses the program (at home on the laptop that works on the non-profit data file and works in the office on the business data file). Are you okay? However, if you`ve installed QuickBooks on your desktop at the office and you`ve also installed it on another desktop (or laptop) computer at the office, with someone else using it (even if it`s your spouse), the second desktop (or laptop) isn`t really a backup copy of QuickBooks. In this example, you`re violating the board.C.A. Two people who use QuickBooks – 2 licenses needed. My interpretation of EULA is that every person who uses QuickBooks needs their own licensed copy of QuickBooks software.

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