Landlord Pet Agreement Addendum Uk

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It is important that you have reasonable precautions for potential damage to pets, as this is not normally covered by insurance policies, such as content insurance and leasing, I recently asked to have a cat in my apartment for rent (cat is a hairless one, and will be inside… No risk of chip) I am a good tenant and I always pay my rent on time, and I look at the apartment because it was not mine and even made small repairs myself. My contact does not say the animals allowed, but I know two tenants in our block who have permission to have the same kind of breed cat as mine… and another who has cats, but no permission, because he claims that they are walkers who come to his house… My application was rejected, but I find it really unfair that other tenants could have cats or get away with cats without permission, but an honest tenant like me, who actually asked permission, is simply rejected. How can I challenge my landlord`s decision to change his mind? I am a good landlord and I love taking pets, children and tenants clean decoration in my properties. I am not asking for additional pet bonds and I guess any damage that takes place will be taken by the DPS, all the tenants have worked well and the tenants tend to stay longer because they cannot find a lease elsewhere. However – I did not explain this to my owner. It is so difficult to find a place to live that accepts pets.

I have lived in older apartments, there is a new pet policy (which I have never seen) responsible for another person to take care of your pet, to come up with an ID card and drawing papers, whether or not you are able to take care of your pet. I ask other tenants if they had to do this, simply said that the other person had to have signs, no picture I think the owner is only fix on me, what I can do, I had a problem with him in the past hello landlord, quick question for you … Can you insist that the tenant sign an updated/new contract when the short-term lease has been signed to a rolling agreement? This particular feature has a zealous and I think they should pay for the emptying of this pit. All other pit maintenance work is done by me. Even while I agreed with the dog, I didn`t accept the cat that is on site and I`m considering adding a pet clause… It`s so irritating! It is the man who is the problem, not the animal! Only to meet your potential tenant pet, see if it is taken care of, do 6 monthly checks on the ground. I guarantee you that if they are responsible owners, they would not refuse. I agree with the comments above, circumstances change! I am desperately looking for a dog owner because my 10-year-old partner is going to join the RAF and leave me in a house that I can`t afford. How annoying it is for me to come across an owner`s website called “Malting Bags of Ftahe”. What an absolute sting they are. Trusted dogs receive as many dogs in them due to changing circumstances and people go to rented properties that refuse the dog. We are a generation of tenants…

Owners need to change their attitude towards pets because they are only liars by tenants. Some homeowners receive tenants with pets to cover the cost of professionally cleaning the property once they have moved.

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