Yukon Self Government Agreement

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Other provisions of the Land Claims Agreement are the removal of tax exemptions for the Yukon First Nations (effective January 1, 2001), a limitation of the hunting rights of other Aboriginal people in the traditional territory of each First Nation, etc. Money transfer agreements create new financial relationships and provide a financial mechanism for obtaining financing from a variety of sources and triggering adjustments. Yukon First Nations, self-governing, have the power to legislate in the administration of justice. Self-management agreements provide for the negotiation of legal management agreements that may include decision-making issues, civil remedies, criminal sanctions (including fines, penalties and imprisonment), criminal prosecutions, corrections, prosecutions or the relationship between SGYFN courts and other jurisdictions. An administrative agreement clarifies the nature and extent of the judicial power of each SGYFN and ensures that the exercise of that power is coordinated with the general judicial system. Under self-management legislation, the Yukon government has the authority to act to relieve an emergency, despite the fact that a SGYFN act may apply to this emergency. A reciprocal provision allows the SGYFN to respond to an emergency; Despite the fact that it is a Yukon law that applies in an emergency. Self-management laws also provide that Yukon laws apply, in an emergency, to residential areas that may also affect adjacent areas of non-agglomeration. In 1973, the federal government recognized two broad categories of fomented claims – broad and specific. Comprehensive assertions are based on the assessment that Aboriginal rights over land and natural resources may continue to exist. Such claims are in place in some parts of Canada, where Aboriginal title has not yet been regulated by contractual or other means. Claims are described as “complete” because of their broad scope. These include land titles, fishing rights and fishing rights and financial compensation.

Specific allegations relate to specific complaints that First Nations may have with respect to contract enforcement. Specific claims also cover claims relating to the management of First Nations lands and assets under Indian law. Yukon`s claim and self-management agreements are changing the face of governance in the Yukon and changing the relationship between the self-administered Yukon First Nations (SGYFN), the Yukon government and the Government of Canada. Self-management allows an SGYFN to govern itself in a way that meets the needs and interests of its people.

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