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If you have access to the Internet, it is your responsibility to go to the service site at least once a month to see the changes published on the site, and you agree to see any changes that will be provided to you in accordance with the instructions on your monthly invoice or by email. You are not required to continue using the services after amending this agreement. However, if you decide not to accept the changes, your only recourse will be to terminate the services effective at the end of the current billing period. There may be a cancellation fee. If the change we make increases your commitment or reduces ours, there will be no cancellation fee. Your continued use of the Services after modification is considered your acceptance of the amended agreement, the waiver of the additional termination requirements and the service payment agreement in accordance with the amended agreement. 60. With respect to all telecommunications services provided by TELUS under this Agreement, all information held by TELUS about you, with a specified name, address and telephone number, is confidential and cannot be transmitted by TELUS to anyone other than you; a person who, after reasonable use of TELUS, claims the information as an agent; another telephone company, provided that information is necessary for the efficient and cost-effective provision of telephone services, disclosure is confidential and information is used only for this purpose; a company that is a part of the provision of telephone or telephone directory services, provided the information is necessary for this purpose and the information is disclosed confidentially with the information used only for that purpose; An agent retained by TELUS to assess your creditworthiness or collect your account, provided that the information is necessary for this purpose and can only be used; either to a public authority or an agent of a public authority where there is an imminent risk to life or property, which could be avoided or minimized by the disclosure of the information. Explicit consent may be given by you if you give your written consent, oral confirmation by an independent third party, electronic confirmation by the use of a free number, electronic confirmation on the Internet, oral consent if an audio recording of TELUS consent is retained, or agreement by other methods, as long as an objectively documented record of your consent is established by you or an independent third party. You can terminate this contract at any time by telling TELUS when the cancellation should take effect. If you cancel your service or TELUS cancels it for any of the reasons listed below, you remain responsible for all applicable cancellation fees and all amounts attributable to your account up to the service cancellation date.

14. You are not allowed to use an email, web, news or similar server via a service account, unless such use is expressly authorized by your service plan. 7. You can change your services at any time. If you received a promotional offer in exchange for maintaining a minimum level of services, the cancellation fee applies when you downgrade below the minimum.

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