South University Affiliation Agreement

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The CEECs offer a general cooperation agreement and, as a rule, determine the scope of possible cooperation activities between the parties, without promising them certain resources. An agreement should give rise to further agreements on the definition of detailed activities. Additional agreements under the agreement can be signed in addition to the agreement or as a separate agreement. · Students are responsible for setting up the affiliate letter, information provided by the sponsor/teacher and all other necessary documents at least 30 days before the start of the session. The Practicum/Internship Office cannot accept dual affiliation agreements, so students should first verify that their site has a previously executed agreement with Liberty University by requesting their website and checking the status lists listed below. For multi-site sites, Liberty only needs an agreement with the site. Reciprocal exchange agreements for students generally provide for the exchange of students enrolled one to one per level (bachelor or graduate) for one or two semesters. The outgoing UofSC student pays for courses at UofSC, which is then assigned to international students who arrive. The UofSC student is at the partner university without paying any additional tuition. Mutual exchange agreements must be balanced to be sustainable. Because the UofSC study rate is higher for bachelor`s programs than for bachelor`s programs, it is not possible to exchange a UofSC student one for one for an international doctoral student. If you are considering this NPF program, go somewhere else. The program has very little to do with real life and the teaching facilitators are less useful.

Especially in the practical proposal class, my class is the guinea pig, and it`s terrible. I spent more time on this “class” than on my real class. Moderators never answer your questions, messages or emails. I have several members of my family following my path, and I will never recommend this university to anyone Contrary to what some of you have written about the University of the South, I think it is as good as any other school. Most of the time, when we complain about something about the school, our complaints are based on our own shortcomings. What we all need to recognize is that at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to perform tasks as defined by our teachers. We must also be aware that just because we sign an agreement to pay for our training does not mean that we will be awarded a diploma.

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