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The theory of an implicit social contract is also under the principles of explicit consent. [25] The main difference between tacit consent and explicit consent is that explicit consent should not leave room for misinterpretation. In addition, you should indicate directly what you want and the person must react in a concise manner that confirms or rejects the proposal. The social contract is an essential part of democracy. In a democratic nation, it is assumed that the government is organized to serve the will of its citizens and, therefore, citizens are obliged to respect the laws and more of the nation as long as the government fulfills its mission and the legislation is considered to be in accordance with the social contract. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) described, in his powerful treatise The Social Contract of 1762, another version of the theory of social contract as the basis of political rights based on unlimited popular sovereignty. Although Rousseau wrote that the British were perhaps the freest people in the world at the time, he did not accept their representative government. Rousseau believed that freedom was only possible if the people as a whole governed directly through legislation, where popular sovereignty was indivisible and inalienable. However, he also stated that people often did not know their “true will” and that a true society would only occur when a great leader (“the legislator”) was born to change people`s values and customs, probably through the strategic use of religion. John Locke`s conception of the social contract was fundamentally different from Hobbes`s, for only the central idea that people in a state of nature would willingly come together to form a state was maintained. Locke believed that individuals in a state of nature would be morally bound by the law of nature, not harming each other in their lives or possessions.

Without the government to defend them against those who wanted to hurt or enslave them, Locke continued to believe that people had no security in their rights and would live in fear. Individuals in Locke would only agree to form a state that would provide in part a “neutral judge” that would protect the lives, liberty and property of those who lived in it. [14] Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was the first modern philosopher to articulate a detailed contractual theory.

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