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A shareholder pact is an essential document for business owners. It will reassess control where there are different levels of participation and power in day-to-day decisions and protect the value and interests of each party. Siblings Nancy and Benjamin Button each own 50% of Button Enterprises Limited (BEL); they are the managers of the company. There was no Constitution or shareholder pact. Over the years, they have successfully run their business. Her only problem was the bad relationship between Nancy and Benjamin`s new wife, Susan. The majority of New Zealand`s private companies do not have a shareholders` pact, but in many cases the cost and time required to obtain a shareholders` pact, compared to the fear of shareholder litigation, could prove to be extremely profitable. It is a simple shareholder pact available to small and medium-sized growth companies. The following case study illustrates some of the benefits of a shareholder pact. This agreement contains questions relating to the management of the company and the relationship between shareholders (for example.B. The right to appoint directors, matters requiring the agreement of directors appointed by the investor, the provision of financial information, confidentiality rules, etc.).

Think about the need for a shareholder pact – in some cases, a shareholders` pact is not necessary, as the company`s basic requirements may be included in the statutes (e.g.B. pre-emption rights and tag rights along and drag-along). Shareholder agreements often overlap with the provisions of a Constitution. However, they generally contain more sensitive information about corporate affairs, such as the role and remuneration of shareholders, dividend policy, financing of growth strategies, mandatory stock selling rules in certain circumstances, and dispute resolution rules. Unlike a company constitution, an agreement to use the shares is not registered with the Company`s Office and therefore has a higher level of confidentiality. As a general rule, corporate institutions have nut and bolt provisions for the operation of the business that are not provided for by the Companies Act 1993.

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