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This agreement represents the full agreement between you and the ISC regarding the purpose being dealt with here and governs your access to ISC technology and its use of ISC technology, replacing all previous agreements between you and ISC regarding this purpose, but this agreement may be supplemented by any other agreement you enter into with ISC because of your registration and/or participation in other features of ISC technology. This contract, including all the conditions contained in it, is the whole agreement between you and the ISC regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all prior or concurrent written or oral agreements or agreements between you and ISC on this matter. For clarity, the terms of a separate agreement that you may have with ISC that do not relate to the purpose of this agreement or (b) third parties (including a “certification body” or an organization requesting certification) are changed or have no bearing on it. Notifications to you (including notifications about changes made to this Agreement) can be made by posting on the website or by email (including links) or by mail. A printed version of this agreement and any electronic notification is permitted in legal or administrative proceedings based on this agreement or relating to this agreement, to the same extent and under the same conditions as other commercial documents and registrations originally established and kept on paper. The ISC is not responsible for non-compliance with a well-founded obligation beyond its control. To the extent permitted by law, no organization or physical entity that is not a party to this agreement can enforce any of its provisions. This agreement was drafted in English at the express request of the parties. This contract was written in English at the express request of the parties.

Using ISC technology, you agree to receive all communications, including communications, agreements, legal disclosures or other information related to ISC technology (Communications package) electronically from the ISC. THE ISCs provide these electronic communications by publishing them on this site.

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