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The Gatekeeping process has expanded from the traditional act of deciding which news is the best news, but information in general. According to Marcelo Thomas, there are actors called mediators involved in the information architecture with which we are in contact. You decide the structure and content of our information. [19] These decisions make these intermediaries technological goalkeepers. Providing information to a member of the organization and those outside the organization is not so much about the results of programming media as it is about a practical approach to ease of use. An example of this role would be a content manager for a company`s knowledge base. All reference items and materials are designed and updated by these managers. Although they may work in supervisory teams, the fact remains that decisions will be made as to what content will be available on the site and how it will be displayed. The duty of a doorman is first and foremost to manage a patient`s treatment. This means that the doorman is responsible for authorizing transfers, hospitalizations and laboratory studies of the patient. When a patient is ill or needs to be referred to a specialist, the patient contacts the doorman, who in turn passes it on to doctors and specialists within the planning network.

While the Shoemakers et al.s study focused on traditional newsrooms, Singer was interested in how Gatekeeping translates the way traditional newspapers use online tools. [9] [10] In the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, she looked at how the Internet changed the newspaper process, saying that “the power of Gatekeepers seems to be weakening in a modern information society. The Internet contradicts the whole notion of “door” and challenges the idea that journalists (or anyone else) can or should limit what passes through them”[10] (p. 265). In the 2004 cover study, Singer asked the following research questions: 1) What did publishers of major newspaper websites see as their most remarkable goals and successes in covering the 2004 political campaign and elections? 2) To what extent have these publishers abandoned their gatekeeping role by offering users the ability to provide or customize content? And more generally, 3) How have the publishers of websites associated with major newspapers changed since the year 2000? The concept of a family physician as a goalkeeper for specialists and other medical resources – which is seen in the United States as an innovation in the field of administered care – has become ubiquitous in recent years. Its introduction was accompanied by state-funded research in the United Kingdom on ways to think about primary procurement. This research could indicate how the UK National Health Service organises the gatekeeping function of GPs. A doorman is any person or institution acting as an intermediary between a researcher and a potential participant. A doorman may also have the power to authorize or deny access to potential researchers.

The use of a gatekeeper is necessary when a researcher does not have legitimate access to the personal data (names and contact information) of potential participants; in such cases, a doorman with access to this type must contact the researcher on behalf. In other cases, the use of a door keeper may be a good label (although it is not mandatory). This updated look at The Gatekeeping also represents a number of classifications, including the basics for The Gatekeeping, the Gatekeeping Network Mechanisms and the types of network door authorities. According to a Dutch study, doctors feel like doormen in primary care, which they reduce to health insurance managers. In this agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: When used for health insurance, the term Gatekeeper describes the person responsible for treating a patient.

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